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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Purge Purge Purge

I have come to the conclusion that humans (or at least me) are like gases ... expanding to the size of the container. I've lived small since 2008 when I downsized from my 2300 sq ft prison. Since then I've lived in a 750 sq ft house, a 19ft RV (Oh how I miss Peaches!!) , a 350 sq ft cabin, and a 500 sq ft garage apartment.

I'm holding my breath until the Turtle's move-in date in January/February (pending finding land to buy or rent)! I definitely have more stuff than I can fit in. I've been sporadically purging by finding 10 things to get rid of (I've been doing this about 2x a week). Funny how it never gets harder to find things to purge ... although some days I'm like "yeah, that piece of paper I can toss from my purse counts as one" or "I tossed a pair of threadbare socks, that's two!".

To prep for the move, I am committing to a purge challenge every day until the move date (minus travel dates for the holidays). To keep myself accountable, I'll document my progress here on the Turtle Blog.

This Weekend's Purge:

3 t-shirts turned into cleaning rags

1 pair of threadbare socks
1 half-used travel size conditioner (I haven't used commercial shampoo or conditioner in over 6 months)
1 grody old toothbrush I thought may come in handy for cleaning but haven't needed in over a year
1 stale box of cereal in the back of the cabinet (not really trashed ... fed to chickens)

1 bumbo chair
5 items kids clothes (6-9 month)
1 infant shark costume

3 shirts
2 books "Tie-Dye, Batik, and CandleMaking" and "Daytona Beach Community College 50 year Celebration"

1 Martha Stewart Living Magazine

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