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Friday, July 11, 2014

Long Overdue Update

It is hard to believe that we've been working on the Turtle for over a year now! I did grow and birth a beautiful little boy in that time, too.

It has been a while since I gave an update. A few months ago we got the bathroom usable (minus septic).

I still need to get with a stainless steel fabricator to make a shower curtain rod. I tried a DIY one. I won't even show proof of how awful it was. I'll leave that to the professionals. >.<

I also got the loft decorated!

The loft still needs some detail carpentry but is functional AND comfortable now!

I'm embarrassed to even show pictures of the rest ... the kitchen and living room are a wreck. We are using fruit crates as shelves since I desperately needed a real kitchen. In true bachelor fashion, Austin was using a 2-burner Coleman camp stove and did not even OWN a refrigerator! How he survived without me, I'm not certain. :P 

We've got miscellaneous stuff piled in what is supposed to be a reading nook ... haven't built that yet. 

We're using a rickety old fruit picking ladder until we build something better. I envision a nice built-in cabinet around the fridge with a narrow closet, too. 

Here are the fruit crates. I actually really love the look of them and we may mount these on the wall for dishes.

But down here, we have a LOT of work to do. Especially before PJ can crawl/walk - which is coming up so soon!!! At least I use mostly green cleaning chemicals. I still don't want a big ole jug of vinegar out for him to get into. 

And the storage area over the "reading nook" ... it is an eyesore. I may put stuff in baskets to make it look better but I need to figure out a door for this area...

With Summer coming to a close a full time work resuming, I'm not optimistic for finishing the Turtle soon. We haven't even finished the roof where the two levels connect or the exterior trim carpentry :/ 

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  1. Hi Emily ! We live in Osteen ! Any chance of us seeing your tiny home ? We are selling our huge home and want to downsize a LOT ! Haven't seen a tiny home in person. Call us at 407-328-3099 Beverly or Robert