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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Arizona Adventures and Stalled Progress ...

After an exhilarating 8 day camping trip in the deserts and mountains of the American Southwest, I ass-u-me-(d) that i would make stellar progress on the Turtle. Well - here's what happened.

1. Mother nature has decided to water Florida a LOT lately. In two days, I only got in 3 hours of work. When it was sunny, I was at the home supply/hardware store. Arg.

2. Plumbing sucks. I had a well-meaning friend come help with the grewater drain lines. I realized at the last "build day" (rolling eyes) that I would have to undo his work ... he did not actually make anywhere for it to drain TO.

3.  also realized CPVC would be an awful choice for hot/cold lines ... one bump and those joints are undone and I've got major water damage to deal with. Switching to PEX.

4. Gnats. I *%$!#@& hate gnats. Do they serve a useful purpose on this Earth??!!??

On the less-annoyed-more-pleasant side, my desert adventures included coyotes, the best view of the Milky Way I've ever seen, the very cold Colorado River, Saguaro cacti, and nervously watching my boyfriend rescue Aussie women about to make a choice that would certainly lead to a 100+ ft fall to their deaths. Here are a few pictures :)

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